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Where to begin?

I'm not sure how to start this. I figured a blog would be a good place since I can be candid & reach out to many. I've been told I should write a book on what i've dealt with in my life that led up to the issues i've been dealing with. That may happen, we'll see. For now, I think this is a good stepping stone.

My name is D. I'm 28 years old & have been struggling with Social Anxiety & Depression since I was very young. How it started, i'll explain - very soon.

I was given the idea (quite a few times) to find an outlet to write about what i've been through (for those who are dealing with the same) & how i've overcome (& am STILL overcoming) those road blocks.

I'm going to be incredibly straight forward & upfront about my experiences (not filtered, much). Because this is real life & these same things are continuing to happen & people dealing with it need to know they are not alone (I wish I had known sooner) & those dealing with those suffering need to know that you CAN help & I can tell you HOW (from my own experience, of course).

The path to mental recovery & continuing said recovery is not easy. Like I said, i'm 28 & i'm just now starting to be comfortable in my own skin. But my purpose here is to show you HOW you can recover in case no one else has, or no one else knows.

I'm going to try and either start each post or end each post with a quote (or song lyric) that has helped me.

Enjoy the ramblings of an anxious, no longer depressed, overthinking millennial whose just trying to help out other anxious, depressed, and overthinking people.

I'll start by saying this: no one can tell you how to be. You are you & that's enough. Plain & simple.


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