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New Year, New Blog?

Hi again, those of you who read this & perhaps even those of you who are new here.

With the New Year here (yay 2022!) I have decided to not only come back to this blog, but also re-vamp it. This re-vamp of sorts isn't so much of that, it's more how i'm going to be writing posts from here on out.

I feel as if they may be too long & honestly, it hurts going back into my past & reliving the emotional turmoil I dealt with in order to write it down & make it something for other people to read & hopefully relate to.

I have decided that I am going to make posts in a summarized format, possibly with bullet points to show the crap i'm trying to explain for those of who you come here to read my experiences & again, relate to them. The reason being, this blog was made not only to explain my trauma so those who need support know they aren't alone, but also to delve into how i've managed to get to where I am with therapy & coping techniques & without medication or anything drastic like that. That isn't a brag, either. It's to show that you CAN get through anxiety & depression without being reliant on meds or psych wards or anything of the like.

I also will recommend video games, books, and even artists & influencers whose work has helped me. The influencer part has been a much much more recent aspect. I actually cannot tolerate "influencers" but a select few focus on body positivity & self-love & some have helped me immensely with my body image. Those are the types of influencers I will recommend. Not anyone who can perpetuate issues like eating disorders/insecurity/etc, but rather those who are there to lift people up & help them realize (much like i'm trying to do) that it's all up to YOU to succeed in whatever self-love related things you are trying to achieve.

So, come on in. The waters fine.


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