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Lunchbox Friends

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

This part of the blog will be updated as I remember things...It will be uploaded incomplete but I will notify readers of when it's been added to.

I want to keep this blog going and get to the real meat and potatoes of why it's here. So with that, I will be moving on.

So, it's been a while. I've been thinking about how to tackle high school hell. Do I summarize it? Straight up write out what exactly happened & keep up with how i've been doing this blog? The issue is, it's a lot. I can't emphasize that enough. People say high school sucked for them but I don't think it was this bad. I mean it was 4 years of "it gets worse before it gets better"; that's it in a nutshell, really. It progressively got worse before it got better (aka when I finally graduated). What's funny is, the majority of my issues stemmed from 1 person & she fit the quote, "one rotten apple ruins the whole lot". She poisoned so many people against me it was actually insane. A psychologist(?) would've had a field day studying my high school & how 1 person can influence the majority of people around me. Most people I didn't even speak to, ever, would pick on me. It's seriously incredible the lengths people will go to in order to avoid the designated bully going after them, they become bullies themselves just to avoid being on the receiving end.

So here is the summary, in no particular order & possibly no particular year since, although I could *probably* differentiate between the years, after Freshman year it became a blur due to the previously mentioned single individual.

So here goes...

(Side note: for reference that singular individual will be known as The Bully, there was more than one however, mind you. She was the main one starting in sophomore year).

  1. Received death threats

  2. Got stalked

  3. Got beat up (& accused of starting it despite having a bruise the size of Tennessee on my back, I was afraid to walk home that day).

  4. A LOT of name calling to mention a few:

  5. Stupid

  6. Ugly

  7. Loser

  8. Skeletor (cuz I am skinny, the irony is Skeletor is muscular so joke was on that moron, & also knew this at the time so this one didn't bother me. What bothered me was the reasoning behind it because the individual who said it was put up to it by The Bully).

  9. Slut (this one was funny cuz I was the biggest prude going, this only happened once & i'm still not sure where it came from but that's none of my business).

  10. I tried to get framed, yes framed, for allegedly putting a girls notes on the girls bathroom mirror & writing "cheater" on it? Again with how dumb people are: The Bully had no proof of these papers being taken or written on & I had been taking a final all morning long - I had 3 teachers as witnesses to my whereabouts before, during and after said final exam. I grew up watching CSI & Bones (amongst others) & my fav topic is Criminal Justice, so suffice it to say I knew EXACTLY how to cover my ass if The Bully attempted to bring it to a teacher or something. Naturally, she didn't because she had no proof. She approached me with a larger student who thought cus she was tall she was intimidating, she didn't do much. & The Bully was using her "best friend" as the scapegoat. Really, what kind of friend is that? They all lost because I wouldn't stand down. Meanwhile my "best friend" at the time, however, refused to step in and help out saying, "I don't want to get involved in your drama" - yeah buh-bye to you, too. We still talk, but she's proven over the many years that she is no friend to me. She is simply an acquaintance. The person I met in college, however was a true friend, who I treasured & who became an acquaintance not because I wanted her to (unlike the high school one), but because life gets in the way & tears good things apart I guess.

  • Apologies for the rant.

This is an important side note: Bullies are genuinely stupid people sometimes. They may be smart in that they know how to push your buttons but they are not smart enough to devise plans to make you look bad towards others take F as the example. Give them the benefit of the doubt however, because people do this shit due to insecurity & who knows what happens at home. Or they're just evil, whose to be really sure at the end of the day.


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